Attacking Mountains At Any Age

Beginners learn the basics and if you think you're too old, your not! Avoid the mistakes I made and save yourself pain and time.

Before I discuss hiking itself, I will teach you how to make hiking a habit you love. How do you motivate yourself? Why do you want to spend time in the mountains?

At 76 years old I climb a mountain every week and if that's what you want to do you certainly can. Maybe you are just starting out. In that case you will learn everything you need to know about getting up in the mountains. If you are older and have "bad knees" you will learn tactics to get you back on the trail. You will learn from the mistakes I made for 30 years and save so much time and pain.

After I tell you all I know about hiking, there is a session on diet and nutrition. It is not a "Diet," but rather my philosophy. It also includes recommendations on supplements you might consider.

How To Have the Right Mindset for Hiking
How do you get yourself to climb a mountain every week or every few days? How do you do it over and over again in the rain and snow. A lot of it is mindset.
Hiking! How a 76 yesr old man climbs a mountain every week.
Everything you need to know about hiking. The basics and how older people can prevent injuries and the best exercises for hiking. Get out on the trail no matter what you age.
The Chocolate Bar Hiking And Nutrition Diet Plan
This is NOT a diet!. In this session I discuss my philosophy around diet and nutrition. I did go from 213 pounds to 170 and have kept it off for twenty years. So if you are not where you want to be...
Bonus - My Favorite Western Washington Hikes
In this short session I will tell you about my favorite hikes in Western Washington. So if you live here or are planning to move here someday this will interest you.
Bonus - Hiking to Camp Muir on Mount Rainier Located at Over 10,182 FT.
If you ever decide to travel to Mt Rainier or if you live in Washington State and would like to do the most difficult hike in the Cascades, this session is for you.

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Thirty years of hiking mountains in the northwest. Author of Attacking Adversity.


Climbing mountains has been my major pastime for thirty years. I am seventy-six years old so understand some of the challenges older hikers face, but can teach anyone the basics and how to avoid injury.